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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have been involved with sports my whole life. Naively, I never got myself in the gym or cared about working out. This was my biggest downfall on my road to becoming a professional athlete. As I got my first major injury, my body did not have the strength or ability to recover from the injury. After my traumatic experience, my life revolved around the gym and working out. After 2 years, I gained my personal training certificate and achieved a degree in Sports Science at the University of Essex.

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My first genuine experience in motivating others was when I was running my own football team. I built a football team with 10,11 & 12-year-olds kids from the rough area of Dagenham. The area was notorious for drugs & violence, however; I helped the kids of the area put their energy into something more positive and worked with them every weekend. Now, most of the kids are living 'every boys' dream and playing football at academies, and I'm still in contact with the boys and their parents.

The feeling of fulfilment I had by helping kids achieve their dreams made me want to continue, but instead of working with the same age group, I wanted to help much younger generations. From this decision, I worked in Essex with toddlers (18 months - 7-year-olds). Although it was a different experience, I helped many kids develop a passion for football and their development through life. Working with such a young age group, I met and connected with many parents as they enjoyed the way I was teaching and coaching. I knew immediately that I can be as good as a service for adults as I am for children, but instead of it being football, it was for the biggest and most important factor in life which is health and fitness.

Before I could jump straight into coaching, I wanted to become an expert in health and fitness. Becoming a qualified Personal Trainer wasn't even enough as anyone could do this online. I dedicated the next 4 years in achieving a science degree and educating myself in the biomechanics, physiological and psychological aspects of health, fitness and nutrition.​

As a result, my intellectual knowledge on the human body’s biomechanics, nutrition and training techniques from my degree alongside my experience in the gym has helped me achieve many success stories from clients all over the globe. Ranging from professional athletes to the general population. From working with young adults to the elderly.



  • Bachelors of Science Degree

  • Sports & Exercise Science Degree

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • FA Level 2 Football Coach

  • Gym Instructor Level 2

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