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More Than A Workout Plan...

What is Online coaching?

the goal

The purpose is to help you train with confidence, and peace of mind to get RESULTS at your own convenience. We do this by setting up a monthly plan which will include challenges and milestones to accomplish, keeping the plan fresh, fun and engaging.


Online coaching is designed so you can fit the program into your schedule to work around your busy lifestyle and can be done whenever and where you are in the world. With online coaching, you will have direct access to my app which will include workout programmes, PDFs, nutrition and videos to keep you disciplined and on track to your goals.

Tailored To You

Your program is created from scratch and tailored towards you and your goal.

More Than One Goal

Aesthetics is not a good indicator of health, therefore there is a good mixture of optimising your fitness levels and your body's biomechanics.

For All Levels

Wether you are new to fitness or experienced, Gladiator School will put you through your paces and give you the intensity you require for your workouts.


The Plan includes

  • ​A tailored and structured training plan that is flexible depending on how and where you train. A structured diet plan is also provided to suit your needs.

  • Unlimited 24/7 WhatsApp Support

  • Formal Weekly Check-Ins

  • Personal Training Session (Optional)

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