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1:1 Personal training

Personal Training

Where you achieve your goals

Based in East London, Bethnal Green

Your training becomes 'personal'. The 1-1 is perfect for those who want to maximise their results in the gym.

The time spent with me is dedicated to achieving your fitness goals.

The 1-1 service will help you gain physical and mental strength, improve your body's composition, your flexibility and mobility, and become better educated on your body's biomechanics and your nutrition to ultimately help you achieve the body you deserve!

NO distractions; attention to detail will be the motto for the session, and everything is personalised around your current condition.

Why Train with me?​

If you’re interested in: 

  • Fat loss: Burn the calories, put those flabs under control, and keep obesity at bay with my training technique.

  • Feel Good: Yes, exercise and healthy diet work towards de-stressing you. It boosts your confidence, your memory enhanced, energy restored, immunity strengthened and happiness quotient magnified.

  • Body Transformations / Look Good For The Occasion: Yes, whether it is for your big day or holiday. I specialise in transforming bodies in a short amount of time. I work within the short time-frame and establish the best course of action to achieve the body you want. 

  • Athletic Performance: If you want to become more explosive and stronger in your sport. Or even training like an Olympian.


Why Choose Personal Training?

If you’re interested in: 

  • Advancing Your Current Training Programme

  • Gaining Motivation

  • Getting Results Faster

  • Improve Your Standard Of Life

  • Learn how to perform exercises with excellent form

  • Learning Effective Exercises Best Suited For Your Goals

  • Understanding Nutrition

  • Understanding The Principles Of Training

  • Working Closely With An Expert

training package

Training packages are great for individuals who are committed to changing their current lifestyle.

This is because this format creates; a structure, a plan and stability, which are the necessary ingredients to find long-lasting & sustainable success.

Weekly sessions are currently done @ 1, 2 or 3 training sessions for the week and we choose days based on your availability and even better, it can become your permanent time slot.

Each session runs for an hour & 15 minutes which gives us plenty of time to get warmed up & prepped for the workout and then going into our stretching to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (muscle aches) that you would usually feel the next day.

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