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The Real Reason: Health is Wealth

We keep hearing that health is the genuine source of wealth. But do you know why this saying has become a cliché?

Welcome to fitness in five's blog series on "The Real Reason!" This is the first blog post of the series and if you enjoy (I'm sure you will) please leave a comment and share it to friends and family.

Where did this come from?

Why are you eating that Salad?"
"Well, health is wealth.”

The popular saying of health is wealth gives a greater meaning to our life, as health is the most valuable and precious for every individual. Health is also the most desirable attribute in human life. A poor man may want riches, but a rich man would want to live a long & healthy life.

Good health doesn't stop at the absence of disease in the body but a complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

"Two fundamental elements of Happiness & Pleasure are Health and Love. Happiest people in the world are the ones who have Health and Love in their life. You might create any shade of happiness, but it has to be there."

Why the need of health?

You may or may not think living a healthy lifestyle is overrated. However, in life, if we cannot do a certain task, what do we resort to? We hire out a specialist. This adds costs to your life, you become more dependant and ultimately lose control. This is the same for your health but in a more extreme manor. When you have poor health, your body and your lifestyle will have to compensate. Mentally, physically and spiritually. This in the long run will cut your life-expectancy, cause greater stress in life, and can live a life full of regret.

"This can ruin current relationships and future relationships with others."

I have seen so many millionaires who have some or other health issues. What is the use of the hard work you do to earn so much money if you can’t use it happily? You can give 8-9 hours to make money, but all I am saying is to give 1-2 hours for your health. If you can’t do this, then all the money you save will go to Doctors very soon.

What can I do?

You may expect me to say exercising is the first step... You're not wrong there however this may not be the best solution for everyone. Exercise can be quite intense and rather be destructive, especially if you are not working with a professional trainer. We can do the small things on a daily basis to help us become healthier adults such as:

  • Going for a 10-minute walk after eating.

  • Taking the stairs

  • Stand up for a minute after being seating for an hour

  • Unplug from technology an hour before bed

  • Sleep at the same time every night

Impact of your health

You will never know how much you directly or indirectly affect someone's life because of your health. The same consequences you may face by having a poor health status are the same worries that your love ones have every single day.

Furthermore, if you are a parent, uncle, aunt or older sibling you have a responsibility to be a role model for your kids, nieces, nephews and young siblings. If you're not living your life to the best you can, then why should they? You will lose that authoritative figure which is never easy to regain...


What are your thoughts?


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